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does not only wear suits in his job, but also a friendly smile on his lips. He is known as a mysterious mystery shopper who always sees the bigger picture and never loses track. You wonder if he loves to check off to-do lists? Check! He likes to ask questions, to listen to the answers and to tackle the arising issues. Instead of just waiting and seeing, he brings forward new ideas and breaks new grounds. In the meanwhile, he most probably enjoys some espresso macchiato or a glass of his all-time favorite white wine, but as a curious hedonist he constantly discovers new tastes out of the ordinary. He loves to ride his Vespa, but what he is truly passionate about is his profound knowledge in strategy and organization, project management and reorganization, as well as finance and controlling.


is a multitasking all-rounder and solid as rock who puts things straight, thinks outside the box, always keeps a clear head and never gives up. She gets back to the ba(y)sics – true to the company’s name – and never loses the thread, but always hits the mark. During leisure time, she loves to do various kinds of sports, while at work she prefers to back the right horse and to keep at it. She does not only have a passion for style and a good glass of red wine from time to time, but also for her profession – all the time. As a jurist she knows everything that is right and fair; as an expert in human resources she is constantly headhunting and as an optimistic optimizer and strategic strategist she knows how to flourish. You think there is no sure formula for success? Just get in touch with her and she will convince you of the contrary.